AlphaZero from Scratch

Machine learning course published on Here, I rebuild the reinforcement learning algorithm AlphaZero developed by DeepMind. It can learn how to play games like Chess, Shogi, and Go at a superhuman level just by playing against itself.


  • Python

Use the movements of your thumb to play Pong against a pre-trained Double-DQN-Agent. I used Google-Colab for training the pyTorch model and created the Pong environment with Pygame.

MNIST-Drawer & Generator

  • Python

Streamlit web application that uses trained models (e.g. CNNs) to classify digits drawn by users or generated by a Conditional-WGAN-GP. One can choose between models from Pytorch, Keras, and Scikit-learn.

Talk Stocks

  • Python
  • JavaScript

Stock forum with live data, created with Python (Django) and JavaScript. The data comes from the Yahoo-Finance-Api, and users have the ability to create accounts and exchange information with others about specific stocks. Talkstocks


  • Python

I trained a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) using 10.000 images of CryptoPunks. In order to prevent mode collapse, I implemented the Wasserstein loss function together with gradient penalty.


  • Python

An application that webscrapes live data from the Robert Koch-Institut. It then displays the incidence rates or total cases for Germany as a map.

Stock Prediction UI

  • Python

Stock analyzing program with live data coming from Yahoo finance. I also use fbprophet to predict upcoming prices.

Space Invaders Agent

  • Python

Dueling-Double-Deep-Q-Network playing Space Invaders. The environment is built in PyGame. And the Agent keeps perpetually improving by observing the game.


  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Within the 10 days of a school project, I built an interactive website on the topic of renewable energy sources. Energie21


  • Python

A simple Pygame application that helps you understand and visualize simple sorting algorithms like BubbleSort and InsertionSort.

Social Network

  • Python
  • Django

I built a Social Network with Django which connects to a backend and lets you create your own account and share posts. The hosting was done by Heroku.

Java Processing

  • Processing

Processing diary with own projects like 3d online multiplayer games and tasks from Michael Kipp.

Pokémon TD

  • Python

Pokémon Tower Defense developed through python. Each Pokémon is unique and has different stats like range, attack speed, bullet size, and so on.